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Why use onemobi to create your mobile website? our proprietary system makes it incredibly easy for any business owner to create a professional looking mobile website fast
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Don't have the time to build your mobile website? We can make one for you!

Easy. Easy. Easy.

Onemobi was created with two things in mind: Speed & Simplicity. With onemobi you can create call now buttons, turn-by-turn GPS directions, contact forms & much more all with a couple of clicks of the mouse.

What you see is what you get

If you can use a keyboard, you can make a mobile website. Our system utilizes an editor that closely mimics other popular word processors so that you can use a familiar interface to build pages on your mobile website.

Drag and Drop

We want to make using our mobile website builder as easy an experience as possible for you. Our builder employs features such as drag and drop to make your mobile website building experience as easy as possible!

Instant QR Codes

QR Codes will become an important part of any company's marketing strategy. With our builder you can generate QR codes in a matter of seconds! Just click the QR Code icon next to the page name and a QR Code is created for that page.

Powerful Shortcodes

Performing tasks that usually require in-depth coding knowledge are extremely easy with onemobi. We have created a set of powerful shortcodes that let you embed YouTube videos, create social sharing buttons, add forms, and create an in site search engine all without knowing how to code!

Advanced Features

Onemobi also includes powerful tools for developers who want full control over all aspects of their mobile websites. Our builder includes a CSS and JavaScript editor that lets you customize any part of the mobile website.

Brand Consistency

Our builder lets you change colors of any part of your mobile website. With our powerful theme maker it's incredibly easy to select to pick the right color to closely mimic the colors of your brand or desktop website.

Unlimited Uploads

Our mobile website builder was created with performance and scalability in mind. We use Akamai as our global content delivery partner. You can upload as many pictures to our CDN as you like without being worried about getting billed extra.

Unlimited Pages

We've set no limits on the number of pages your mobile website can have! In fact we've had some customers create upwards of 300 pages on their mobile website without any kind of issue.

Powerful Analytics

What good is having a mobile website if you can't tell how well it's performing? We've built a multitude of analytics options that let you keep track of how well your mobile website is converting visitors into customers.

Test drive our mobile site builder risk-free for 30 days!

Don't have the time to build your mobile website? We can make one for you!