Mobile website builder

Our mission is to create amazing, easy to use technology that helps businesses connect with their customers.

In 2011 two guys from the opposite side of the spectrum met. Alberto Cirillo, an established business owner and marketer, met Meisam Mulla, an up and coming entrepreneur and technology wizard. Alberto was frustrated by the fact that he was not easily able to build a mobile ready site for his business. He searched and found several services that let him build mobile websites. Unfortunately he would need a degree in computer sciences to use them.

Alberto approached Meisam with the problem. They envisioned a service that would let an average user create a mobile ready website without much time or effort spent. After many months of planning and design, they came up with what is now known as the onemobi mobile ready website builder.

The goal was to enable a total novice to build and publish a smartphone ready site in less than 30 minutes. They have achieved this...with time to spare.

Larry Ellis, a long-time business acquaintance of Alberto’s, was then brought into the picture. A transplanted Canadian, now an Australian resident, Larry brings a different perspective to the party.

The ten years spent in the USA during the DotCom era is great preparation for the Smartphone revolution.

As a highly ‘mobilized’ country, Australia has the 2nd highest smartphone penetration in the world. They use them in interesting and innovative ways. Larry tests and creates marketing concepts and scenarios for mobile websites. He is always available to share these ideas with our customers.